You’ve invested in the courses, the business coaches, the team members… But do you ever wonder when it’s time to invest in a web design? The truth is, a professionally designed website is not necessary for many entrepreneurs until they reach a certain stage in their business. While investing in brand and web design is […]


How to Know When You’re Ready to Invest in an Upleveled Web Design

Your brand positioning is one of the most important aspects of your business strategy and growth goals. The way a brand is positioned in the minds of its target market is based on the visual cues and messaging said brand uses in its marketing. Positioning is all about the perceived value proposition a brand has […]


How to Define Your Brand Positioning to Make Your Brand STAND OUT!

How to define your brand positioning

Every graphic designer knows the importance of mood boards when it comes to branding. It’s the BFF you’ll keep coming back to before you do anything for your brand. The importance of creating or hiring someone to create a mood board for your brand is often overlooked. A mood board is essentially a collection of […]


How to Create a Mood Board for Your Brand

Brand shoots are SO important when it comes to your marketing visuals. With all the competition online, you want your brand to stand out from the crowd.  As personal brands, it’s critical that we have a content pool of branded imagery that we can post to social media, put on our website, and use for […]


How to DIY Your Own Brand Photoshoot


Ever get the terms “brand” and “branding” mixed up? Or maybe you just assume they are the same thing? If so, you’re not alone – there’s a common misconception that a brand and branding are the same things. While the two go hand and hand with one another, they are actually completely different things. Here’s […]

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Brand vs Branding | A Definitive Guide