Portfolio: La Palma

La Palma Hotel & Spa is a passion project I created for a luxury hotel. The goal was to create a high-end + minimal brand to create a calm, clean, and luxurious feel - making guests feel rejuvenated, carefree, and relaxed during their vacation. If you would like to inquire about your own custom brand design, click the button below to inquire now!

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To create that luxury feel, I chose to use a classic serif, all-uppercase font, paired with a beautiful script font. To embody the hotel's name, I created a simplistic palm tree icon, placing a semi-circle shape over it and wavy lines next to it to embody the sun setting over the water- a view guests can take in from the comfort of their hotel rooms.

logo mockup

pattern design

mood board

hotel front


logo mark

do not disturb mockup

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