Ready to pitch your offer like a pro and convert followers into clients with ease?

selling in the instagram dms doesn't have to be hard anymore.

Introducing... The ultimate Instagram DM script that will give you a non-salesy, step-by-step action plan for starting a conversation with an ideal client and pitching your offer to them.

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The Ultimate DM Script is for online coaches & service providers who want to FINALLY start converting more followers into paying clients on Instagram so they can sell out their high-ticket offers WITHOUT being "salesy".

The Ultimate DM Script includes 16 pages of step-by-step, plug & play scripts that will tell you exactly how to:

Start the sales conversation from SCRATCH! This script will show you exactly how to start the conversation with an ideal client in the DMs, to transitioning to the sales talk and pitching your offer (without being A sleazy slime-ball).

Use IG story polls (and poll ideas) to start profitable DM conversations with your ideal clients.

Build relationships & nurture warm leads through DM conversations so they are ready to BUY BUY BUY without any objections 

Set boundaries + how to respond when someone asks a question related to your offer.

Follow up with a lead who ghosted after you pitched them your offer & how to follow up with a past lead.

𝗕𝗢𝗡𝗨𝗦: Personal invite script to send out to warm leads BEFORE your program launches so you can have a 5-figure launch BEFORE you even launch your next offer 🤯


Do you feel like you’re constantly showing up and doing allllll the visibility tactics, but you’re still struggling to sell out your high-ticket offer?

The truth is: the typical growth & visibility tactics will only get you so far with a small audience.

But you don’t need tens of thousands of followers in order to have a successful business.

You can build a 6 figure + business with 1,000 followers or less.

The KEY to selling isn’t the number of eyeballs on your marketing: it’s the personal connections you make with the audience you DO have!

Why? Because people buy from people who they know, like, and trust.

And the best way to accelerate that know, like, and trust factor? Having profitable DM conversations with your ideal clients!

The DMs are one of the best FREE online marketing tools we have access to in 2020.

But most entrepreneurs don’t use the DMs strategically to sell their offers. 

 Having a DM strategy will allow you to build PROFITABLE connections with your audience that would otherwise take months, if not years for them to be profitable.


I'm an online marketing coach and brand designer helping online entrepreneurs to grow and scale a wildly profitable business on social media.

After years of freelance social media marketing, I started my own coaching business in 2019, and have since helped dozens of online entrepreneurs scale to 5-figure months with EASE!

My mission is to help YOU build a business that supports the lifestyle that you want to live.

Hey there, I'm Kerry!

Ready to sell your high-ticket offer and get booked out with dream clients?


This script is for you if...

You're an online coach or service-based provider looking to sign more high-ticket clients in your business.

You want a DM strategy that WORKS - without having to resort to sleazy “so what are you struggling with?” messages.

You feel like there is a disconnect between you and your audience, because even though you are always showing up on social media, you’re still not seeing the sales you know you deserve.

You’re SO ready to sign high-ticket DREAM clients that are forever grateful that you reached out to them via the DMs.

""I loved Kerry’s DM script! It really helps you navigate from not even speaking to someone to warming them up to a sale. This was also super helpful to figure out how to start a conversation with someone that is showing interest in you as a coach and leading them to a sale! The DM script helps you uncover what this person is truly going through to see if you would be a good fit. It helped so much on how to navigate through people that ask about your pricing in the DM too. I LOVED the part on how to follow up with old leads and what to say to them.""

-Nina, @therealcoachnina

This DM script contains the EXACT strategy that I personally have used to sign $38,000 in private clients (in the DMs) in the past 6 months alone.

Whether you are a business coach, network marketer, social media manager, or any other service-based business provider, this script will give YOU the exact strategy needed to convert casual DM conversations into sales.

"But... Will this actually work for me?"

Here's a sneak peak inside your DM script:


"The pitch like a pro DM script is GENIUS! I loved the portion about turning story posts into conversations and if anyone is thinking about the upgrade to get the “handling objections” I’m here to tell you to grab it because you don’t want your DMS to fizzle out after everything you already get on the inside!"

-Brandaleen, @iambrandaleen